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Located approximately 120km from sukabumi city, Ujung genteng became an interesting tourism object. The beach is clean and natural also has an interesting panorama to be visited. At some part of beach, the location is suited for playing or simply bathing in the sea. Because the depth of its beach is only as basal thigh when tide sea and when was withdrawing only around as of foot calf. At this beach you can meet no heavy wave, its only slow current shifting from right to left. There also dock ex- omission of Dutch which already old, if you ask the people for its history, no one knows it well enough.

Toward east from ujung genteng there is also fish auction location, which is crowded in the morning at 5am to 9am. Most fisherman haul various type of fish which caught up last night. You can buy some fishes in this location with fresher taste and off course its cheaper than the other market around.

Pangumbahan, is one of unique tourism object at this location. Watch the sea turtle lays their eggs at the beach at night time. This must be a unique even for some person an not all coastal has it. The turtle which lying eggs at this area is green turtle which is live at the sea-water. Green turtle can grow until reaching more than 1 meter long, more than 200 kg in weight and life more than 100 years. Before turtle starts to lay their eggs we suggest to generate any light because this make the turtle refuse to lay eggs and back again to the sea. After egg starts to release then we can be near and observes it by using flash light. If the turtle already started to release its egg, it won’t stop until finished and numbers of eggs released from a green turtle are more than 200.

Cipanarikan Estuary is also one of interesting place to visit at ujung genteng. This estuary is the meeting point of Cipanarikan River with the ocean. Cipanarikan River forms a path before meet the ocean, so that is formed extent of sand that is wide enough with form of real smooth sand, very compatible as playground sand for children. At this estuary we can found many animals like crab, teal, iguana and estuary fishes. When we trace the beach, there are also many decorative fishes typical of variegation of sea-water fish swimming freely in between rock.

Ombak Tujuh, located around 15 Km from pangumbahan are able to reach on foot for about 3-4 hours walk. This is the favorite location for foreigner to surf. Ombak Tujuh is named after heavy wave which comes seven times within a period. Around this location, we can found some isle, with the natural rocky beach. If you want to go there, you can hire a motorbike, but when the rainy season comes, it only can be reached by foot.

Cibuaya, a perfect location for bathing and swimming because the beach has many depth varying, from half meter to six meter. It also has beautiful shore. The location is well suited to enjoy evening sunset. It also has clean seawater. When fishing season came, cibuaya is ideal place to fish kakap or krapoe.

Ujung genteng also has another tourism object in the form of process of coconut sugar by local people. The making process is very simple by exploiting wide plantation of coconut, the residents installs bokor to accommodate dilution from coconut flower then in collects and cooked frying-pan then is printed with bamboo cutting which its measure bigger than the coconut sugar measure in marketing.

Overall there is some beautiful place which untouched. Ujunggenteng also has plenty of lodging with tariff starts from 75.000 to 350.000 rupiah per night. As a note: Ujung Genteng area still has some malaria case, possibly because of this adjacent area with protected forest, so we want to go there it is better to bring quinine pill, also food and beverage it is better we bring ourselves because sometimes it hard to find a suitable food in ujung genteng.

Writer : Silhouette
Fotografer : Petrus S
Location : Ciracap, Sukabumi
Source :

Location Map :
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ega   |2008-03-06 22:20:09
harus dateng n nikmatin keindahan yg msh belum terjamah bgt!
isi na byk an bule drpd org indo!
Aldo F A   |2008-03-13 21:56:10
kereen bgt....
saya berniat kesana akhir bulan ini...
dan butuh peta, site ini ngebantu banget.
mungkin ga saya bisa dibantu dengan rute kendaraan umum dari jakarta ka uj genteng.
terimakasih :grin
Padir99   |2008-04-29 20:44:45
Ada tempat yang bener2 indah banget ! Pokoke exotis sekali
akhmad sekhudin   |2008-05-08 10:09:17
mohon info kondisi jalan can cuaca di Ujung genteng saat ini, terima kasih.

Liburan.Info   |2008-05-08 10:21:01
Kondisi jalan cukup baik, hanya sedikit bergelombang di daerah cibadak, sisanya ok. Laut juga tenang di beberapa hari terahir ini.
Semoga informasinya dapat membantu, salam liburan...
Adi Setiadi   |2008-05-12 20:47:57
Harus kesana, pantai indah belum begitu ramai, kalo pakai motor juga asyik karena tidak terlalu ramai. Hanya kurang SPBU, sebelum kesana harus full sebelum Pelabuhan Ratu. Tanggal 11 Mei dari bandung habis 3.5 liter kesana pakai motor.
yana   |2008-05-30 16:55:32
Wah tempat yg ok. boleh kasi saran penginapan disana yg terjangkau dan bersih ? Kondisi jalan ok tdk ya ? klo mau liat penyu bertelur ada waktu/bulan tertentu ? ada yg punya tour u/ kesana ?
petrus   |2008-07-11 08:21:04
pantai ujung genteng memang sangat indah & masih memiliki beberapa obyek wisata lain yg sangat bagus..

untuk keperluan perjalanan bisa lihat peta ujung genteng di
ArobZ   |2008-08-16 13:06:28
Bos,Klo naek motor dari bandung rutenya kmn aja yg deket??...
Trus klo naek kendaraan umum brp ongkosnya?rutenya n naek apa aja?
arin  - pke motor or kend umum   |2009-12-31 02:30:09
Kang,Klo pke motor dari bandung berapa jam?, trus klo dari sukabumi kearah mana?
& klo pke kendaraan umum brp ongkosnya?naek jurusan apa dari sukabumi?
Jerry   |2008-08-24 22:37:53
Kami pernah cb rute panggalengan r.buaya plgnya lwt garut. Rute bungbulang jln jelek +/- 8 Km selebihnya bagus. Ada yang tau rute Pangandaran lwt cipatujah???
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